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CrivaSense has 4 primary activities:


  • Developing magnetic sensing solutions: concept, simulation, and silicon validation using dedicated integrated circuits
  • Developing custom instrumentation setups (hardware and software) to operate the sensor solutions under the various application constraints
  • Providing measured performance data over operating conditions and lifetime conditions to validate commercial viability of these solutions
  • Supporting our customers to complete the integration and the commercialization of the sensor solutions
At CrivaSense, experimentation and data colection are very important.
A large part of our time is spent working with the sensors developed and processed internally using our deposition and fabrication capabilities.
For these sensors characterization, we use a dedicated and unique set of measurement platforms developed by our team in order to test our sensor solutions in the real application environment, and deal with all kinds of magnetic sources and pertubations. We also take benefit from the specific infrastructures provided by the CEA/SPEC including their anechoic chamber for measurements in a very low noise environment.
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